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Thanks to Kate Rice for putting together this video about the water treatment plant in Atima, Honduras.

Kate Rice worked in Atima with OCHO on the 2014 and 2015 brigades as a high school student volunteer. While in Atima, she developed a special interest in the sustainable water treatment plant that serves the village and its residents. She was a member of her high school’s Environmental Studies Program, and thought she could connect her experiences in Honduras with her environmental work. Between her two visits to Atima, she went to the plant several times and interviewed people who built and work in the plant. Coupled with her education focused on modern environmental issues, the end result was a documentary about the immediate need for clean water worldwide, and how this type of plant may be the answer. Kate graduated from St. Mary’s High School, and will be attending Marquette University. She hopes to return to Atima with OCHO in the future.

Read more about our public health initiatives by checking out our Public Health page under Our Projects.


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