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Our Mission

Our mission is creating equity in health and education through compassion and partnership between Honduras and the U.S.

Vision for Honduras

OCHO partners with rural communities in Honduras to support their path towards sustainable public health, education, and development. Success is achieved when communities carry on programs independent of our support and with each success, OCHO expands its partnership with other communities.

Vision for our Volunteers

OCHO encourages volunteers to become advocates for the programs we support in Honduras and inspires them to lead their own initiatives. Impact is achieved when volunteers are influenced by their experiences in Honduras and emerge as community leaders.

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Our Values

  • sustainable community development

  • right to access medical care

  • promoting education and self-sufficiency 

  • creating lasting relationships

  • supporting families with children with special needs

  • listening to the needs of our local partners

  • training local teachers 

  • providing professional development to local clinicians

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