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Our Mission

Our mission is creating equity in health and education through compassion and partnership between Honduras and the U.S with an emphasis on establishing sustainability in all communities where our efforts are concentrated.

Our vision

Through ongoing partnership with our Honduran partners, we seek to establish sustainable public health, education and development for the rural communities who welcome us. As a Baltimore-based organization, we are also looking to form local relationships with the Latinx community in our own backyard, especially catering to individuals with disabilities/neurodivergent individuals. As globalization continues to infiltrate the Honduran society, OCHO continues to employ training that can be done remotely. Telehealth structures - online consultations, email communication, and phone conversation -  are now more accessible due to wider internet use in Honduras, showing promise for an independent, self-sufficient healthcare infrastructure and a connected community. 

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Our Values

  • sustainable community development

  • access to medical care

  • promoting education and self-sufficiency 

  • creating lasting relationships

  • supporting families with children with special needs

  • listening to the needs of our local partners

  • Collaborating with local officials 

  • Continued outreach to areas with higher need 

  • training local teachers 

  • providing professional development to local clinicians

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