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Volunteer Opportunities 

The mission of OCHO relies on the many talents of its volunteers. Volunteers provide medical care, promote public health, build stoves, distribute clothing, raise funds, and even develop original media to sustain and develop the many goals of OCHO.






You can support the work of OCHO from your own home by fundraising for our organization, promoting the work with do, visiting our website and following us on Facebook, helping plan our brigade here in Baltimore, collecting supplies for the people in Atima, or translating documents for our partners in Honduras.


Would you like to join the OCHO team by sharing your skills and services?

Our next Brigade is postponed due to Covid-19.

Get a glimpse of what we do:

If you are interested, or have questions, contact the OCHO Board of Directors:
P.O Box 26162
Baltimore, MD 21210

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