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Medical Outreach

The medical team comprises roughly 25 health practitioners in pediatrics, internal medicine, emergency medicine, obstetrics/ gynecology, ophthalmology, occupational therapy, public health, and nursing. An additional twenty five adult and high school volunteers work alongside the medical team in the clinic.OCHO  also sends small teams of clinicians and volunteers to remote areas where patients are unable to attend the Atima clinic.  In recent years, OCHO has expanded their services to nearby communities like Choloma, San Vicente Centenario, and Nuevo Celilac. Every year we collaborate with our local partners to assess the needs of the population and determine the final destination of our mobile medical clinics.


OCHO continues to bring more advanced diagnostic equipment to address the current services provided at the health center in different health centers in Santa Barbara Equipment includes stethoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, otoscopes, laryngoscopes, infant warmers, stretchers, and hospital beds as well as shelving, desks and chairs.  Additional equipment has included a rapid CBC counter and an ultrasound machine.


In addition to providing medical care, since 2013 OCHO has implemented a medical training program where our specialists meet with Atima’s medical personnel to offer educational workshops. Training has included in-services on ophthalmologic diagnosis, treatment for children with mental health problems, newborn resuscitation, diagnostic fetal ultrasound  for following pregnancies and  abdominal ultrasound for identifying tumors. We continue to focus on conducting educational workshops on neonatal resuscitation, managing orthopedic emergencies, and other training needs.

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