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Brigade 2023: Palabras de los voluntarios: Meg

"Although this is my fourth trip to Honduras with OCHO, each year is different and I know from experience that you never really know what to expect. This is especially true this year, as we have been staying in Concepción del Sur rather than Atima and exploring many new places. Doing outreach in different towns each day and being able to witness the varying levels of need in each area has been a very interesting and unique experience. This trip so far has probably been the most impactful one yet for me because I have been more involved in the medical care than I have in the past.

My role this year involves triaging, helping with pediatrics, and testing for anemia. While some days it seems as though there are an endless number of patients, I have been enjoying the work so much and feel so fulfilled each day. As always, the OCHO team is amazing. I've really enjoyed seeing old friends and reminsicing on past trips, as well as getting to know new friends! Every single person brings so much to the group, and It's incredible how collaboratively everyone works together to make a difference. Every OCHO trip is so energizing and motivating for me, and I'm so excited to see what the rest of the trip has in store. "

-- Meg Rice, returning OCHO volunteer

Shown in photo: Meg at the triage table, conducting a test for anemia



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