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Brigade 2023: Palabras de los voluntarios: Azari

"I had a few ideas about how my trip to Honduras would be. I knew that it would be hot, that I would be living differently for the next 8 days, and that I was out of my comfort zone. I'm happy to say that only a handful of my expectations were met, and so far I've been blown away by the beauty, food, and gracious people of Honduras. To be able to help these people, while being able to improve my Spanish, is a honor I don't take for granted.

Our second day in Honduras we, alongside other nurse practitioners and social workers, had set up base in the high-school of Concepción del Sur. While there, I spoke with some students of the University of Honduras in Tegucigalpa. They taught me a lot during our conversation, like how the different provinces in Honduras are organized and the way education works in Honduras."

-- Azari, recent Friends School graduate '23

Shown in photo: Lizie, Azari, Jada and Elena, two new OCHO volunteers with UNAH (Universidad Autónoma de Honduras) student volunteers



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