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Community Initiatives

Our vision of creating sustainable and self-sufficient communities goes beyond our annual visit to Honduras.  OCHO supports local initiatives that although not necessarily related to direct medical care contribute to the overall growth of a community by promoting education, sustainable farming, and physical activities.


Each year, volunteers in the United States collect and pack paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, rulers, and a variety of other supplies that are then distributed by the team in Atima and surrounding communities. Furthermore, in 2016 OCHO started a summer enrichment camp for students at the primary school where we stay for a week. 


In addition to English lessons, students also learn important intercultural communication skills and discover the power of international friendships.  Watch a video of this unique English camp that is now becoming a tradition, also supported by the participation of teachers of English at the local high school.


Community Sustainable Gardens

In 2015, OCHO partnered with civic organization PROMUSAN to support their organic community garden program. Under the leadership of local experts, families in  Atima are trained in the techniques of organic farming, learn tools to grow small enterprises, and adopt proper nutrition through the diversification of food production. Get a glimpse of the terrain of Atima.  



OCHO supports this program by providing seeds, gardening tools, and labor force.

Computer literacy

Sustaining computer literacy has been key in making sure that OCHO partners in Honduras are now ready to participate in telehealth and tele education programs that provide year-round follow-up and training. 


Additionally, one of our volunteers demonstrated that learning to code is a skill available to everyone and through an intense workshop, students at the public school in Atima got inspired to become young coders!


See students in class



Every year, OCHO volunteers play a friendly soccer game with the youngest members of the Atima community.  Thanks to a grant provided by the Rivers School [Boston, Massachusetts], OCHO was able to sponsor two of the soccer leagues by providing much needed equipment.  One of OCHO volunteers, Noah Schweitzer, collected soccer balls for other communities surrounding Atima.  Through soccer, children are engaged in a safe and healthy environment while promoting collaboration and teamwork.


Since that initial grant in 2015, OCHO volunteers have continued to promote sportsmanship and physical education, and in 2017 witnessed the first integrated soccer game between students at the special need school and children from the primary school.  Integration is the key to a successful and equal education.


Outreach in Baltimore

“OCHO has also turned its attention to the local Baltimore Latino community by networking with advocacy and health agencies to improve the lives of immigrants from Mexico and Central America.







OCHO is collaborating with members of the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to disseminate a program that promotes positive parent child interactions to help offset the adverse childhood experiences often associated with immigration. Additionally OCHO is a part of the Latino Providers Network, an organization that manages and coordinates a membership community base umbrella organization with over 70 organizations and 200 individual members that provide direct services to the 
Latino community in the Baltimore Metropolitan Region in the areas of health, education, immigration, business, employment, arts & culture.

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Would you like to join the OCHO team by sharing your skills and services?

Contact the OCHO Board of Directors:


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