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By Frank Rivera

[Editor’s note: Frank Rivera has been an enthusiastic OCHO volunteer since 2007, serving as a helper and later as an interpreter for the team.  A native of Atima, Frank has developed outstanding English skills, and has been sharing his knowledge by teaching English classes in Atima.  This year, OCHO provided Spanish-English dictionaries for Frank’s students, and we plan to further assist efforts to provide English language instruction in Atima.]

“We recently began the important voluntary work of the pilot project of teaching English to 15 children.  The purpose is to learn a new language and have fun.  The class is for children whose parents do not have the economic capacity to pay.

Being part of the OCHO group, I have learned to love social work.  I have always loved volunteering, and have been part of local organizations like Child Fund, and others, providing English tutoring to young people who study in alternative study programs.  I also have participated in a peace-building project in Tegucigalpa.

I decided to undertake this social project, called “Happy Faces for English,” as a continuation of the summer camp given by Professor Todd Wade.  As a pilot project, I have started by volunteering a weekly hour of English classes to 15 elementary school children.  Starting with the seed element of the group members of OCHO, we have started teaching greetings, numbers, and colors.  Parents and children are feeling motivated and happy that this great project has just begun.  God willing we will be able to continue to provide this beautiful social work in our community”.



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