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This year our volunteers had the best teachers to learn how to make homemade tortillas. Corn tortillas are one the staples of the Honduran diet and families in rural communities start making them early in the morning.

Even if it is for a short period of time, we always immerse ourselves in the every day life of the people where we stay. It is the best way to learn of their challenges, their culture, and their resilience in the face of pressing difficulties. We take this learning back home and tell our friends and families about what we can do to support our partners in Honduras. Watch here how our volunteers made tortillas one day for our breakfast.

Thanks to the work of local clinicians, families are learning how to add other ingredients to the “masa” in order to increase the nutritional value of the tortilla. Informational pictures are posted at schools and health centers to encourage healthy habits among young and old.

OCHO has supported these women with an initial investment of seeds so they can grow a community garden to feed their families and sell the surplus. If you want to support this project, visit our Donations page to make a contribution.



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