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Learn About OCHO's New Initiative and Please Donate

Our partners in Honduras had their second session of tele-education under the leadership of Dr. Patrocinio Sarmiento. The topic of the meeting was on training local leaders on the preventive measures they need to enforce among families regarding COVID-19 . Participants from Atima, San Vicente and USA joined in this session. This initiative is funded with the OCHO Future Fund, a new strategic plan to strengthen a more sustainable health system in rural Honduras by investing in training doctors, educators, therapists, and public health personnel and equipping them with the tools they need to provide a higher standard of care for the elderly, newborns, adolescents, as well as children and adults with special needs. At this time when OCHO’s direct impact has been limited due to the current pandemic, investing in the training of local human resources seems more relevant than ever. Please consider expanding the impact of this training program by making a tax-deductible donation towards the OCHO Future Fund. Together we can empower and support sustainable Honduran initiatives that can lead to a stronger public health education program in rural communities.

Or by mail: P.O. Box 26162 Baltimore, MD 21210.



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