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Food Connects

Two kitchens, Mera Kitchen Collective & Alma Cocina Latina, have come together in a partnership to address food insecurity, while providing meaningful employment and reimagining our relationship to food systems and the hospitality industry. With catering and restaurant activities put to a halt due to the pandemic, the two kitchens decided to join hands once again to turn their spaces and kitchens towards feeding their neighbors in need in Baltimore. The two are searching for a large kitchen to prepare food for a cafe that serves the community for free and lets individuals buy healthful, delicious meals at an affordable price. Food connects all individuals — all of the money that goes into a restaurant goes back out to the community, a large portion of which are Latinx (employees included), which is why it makes sense to support and contribute to this local effort to overcome the current and future difficulties. OCHO supports this sustainability mission of thinking about long term change at the local level using our resources for the common good.

Follow the link to make a contribution:

You can also visit the website of both of the businesses for more ways in which you can help. Or simply order take-out food! The arepas are delicious and abundant!



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