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 This is OCHO. 

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Read all about who we are, what our mission is, etc.

Look into the details of our projects and the work we do. 

Read our blog posts to follow along with all things related to OCHO. 

Follow the link to find out how you can support OCHO. 

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FOR Volunteers

Looking for opportunities to apply your skills in improving the well being of Honduras? Join us! 


For institutions and agencies interested in enhancing OCHO’s work in Honduras.

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FOR Internships

Send OCHO an email to find out about any internship opportunities and the work you can help with.

 Going to Honduras is one of the highlights of my year.  The activity that impacted me the most every time I go is the home visits.  Home visits are when a small team of doctors, translators and students visit the homes of children with disabilities.  We visit the homes to have a better understanding of what is available to the families and assess what is needed.

-- Bo Brand

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