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OCHO volunteers completed another successful trip to Honduras!

During five days of clinical activities, the brigade team provided more than 250  free adult and pediatric screenings. Dr. Marc Honig, assisted by his son Evan, conducted successful cataract surgery for five patients, and Dr. Mena assisted the medical team in Atima to organize and learn how to design a modern neonatal unit. Drs. Silver and Mena offered several training workshops to the medical team and staff members at both the health center in Atima and Choloma on Helping Babies Breath and Advanced Resuscitation techniques.

Prof. Todd Wade with the support of OCHO volunteers organized three half-day summer enrichment camps to 150 children in Atima, Dan Medani and Aidan Kirchgraber offered two workshops for Honduran teachers on the use of Google as a collaborative tool, and Alan Macdonald coordinated a series of soccer tournaments for the children of Atima.  Drs. Leyland and Melicosta provided pediatric care for two days in a Choloma as well as evaluation of children with special needs.  Our clinical team of nine professionals on occupational, physical, and speech therapy as well as specialists in developments pediatrics, provided comprehensive evaluations for more than 40 new patients with physical and mental impairments.

Patients were evaluated, provided free basic medical medications (including anti-inflammatories, antipyretics, vitamins, antacids) medical supplies, and, when needed, referred to specialists on the OCHO team or to a Honduran clinician.

As old projects consolidate [water plan, health center], new ones have emerged.  We witnessed the completion of stage 1 of the new School and Rehabilitation Center in Atima, and have started equipping this center.  We are grateful to all the donors who for the past year have contributed to make this project a reality. The professional development that the volunteers at the current special needs school have been receiving for the past 6 years from our experts will secure a smooth transition as they become the new professionals to initiate the identification, education, and treatment of the more than the current 210 children who are receiving attention at this CRIC.  

The work of  OCHO is never completed, and therefore we welcome your ideas and impressions to help us do the best we can to optimize our work with our partners in Honduras.



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