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An important component for this year’s brigade was to conduct an assessment of the state of OCHO’s projects in Atima.

The first of OCHO’s major investments in the Atima community was our participation in the construction of a water plant back in 2012.

In partnership with the Rotary Club of Baltimore, Rotary International, Agua Clara (Cornell University), Agua Para El Pueblo, and the Municipal Government of Atima, OCHO helped to raise funds to support the construction of a $100,000 water purification facility to serve the Atima community.

Picture by volunteer Will Rice

Water in Atima had been highly contaminated by bacteria and parasites, contributing to chronic illness, malnutrition, and adversely affecting the maturation and development of children in Atima.  The project has met its expectations and having access to potable drinking water has resulted in a visible improvement in the health of children.

Dr. Ken Tellerman served as the tour guide to a new group of volunteers. We are pleased to observe that the plant continues to be fully operational. OCHO is currently evaluating a local request for the upkeep of the water treatment center.



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