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All winter long, the OCHO team has been laying the groundwork for the 2017 medical mission, this June.  We’ve been soliciting donations of medical equipment and supplies, finding gently used wheelchairs and assistive devices for the special-needs school, planning public health programs and an educational summer camp, and fine-tuning the logistics so that everything runs smoothly, once we’re there.

Now that spring is here, the packing has begun!  For the next several weeks, OCHO volunteers will be meeting regularly to label, inventory, and pack a container load of medicines, equipment, books, and supplies that we’ll be sending to Honduras in May.  Once again we would like to thank the support of the Church of the Redeemer for allowing us to use their church hall to meet and store what we need to take with us.

The container will leave the port of Baltimore and make its away down the coast, crossing the Caribbean Sea to Puerto Cortes, Honduras, where it will be loaded onto a truck for the last leg of its trip.  It’s scheduled to arrive in Atima just in time for the annual medical brigade to put it all to use.

Donations are continuing to roll in, but we would be grateful for additional contributions of the following:

  • Small wheelchairs

  • Crutches

  • Desks with built-in chairs for the special-needs school

  • Replacement tires for wheelchairs

  • Small and medium diapers

  • Desitin cream

  • Colostomy and urine bags

  • Computers and printers of recent vintage

  • File cabinets

If you can supply any of these items, please contact Cristina Saenz de Tejada at  Financial contributions would be a great help, too, and would allow us to purchase what we need here, and include it in the container load that leaves on May 10.  As always, we sincerely appreciate your support!



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