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Interpreters play a crucial role in our work in Honduras.  It is a complex task that involves a great deal of skill. It requires thinking on your feet, grasping the main idea of the conversation, navigating cross-cultural barriers, decoding new vocabulary words, and processing information at a fast speed.  Without the support of these valuable volunteers, the work of our professionals would be less effective. In addition to having a good command of the language, the interpreter needs to assess the emotions of the people involved in the exchange of communication and, at times, exert a generous amount of patience and empathy.

Whether it is in the health setting or immigration, Spanish speaking OCHO volunteers and board members are committed to provide the best service to both our professionals and Hispanic population.  When they are not in Atima, our interpreters continue to support Hispanic families who live in Baltimore. Some work as qualified interpreters in the medical system in our city to make sure that the visitors or undocumented population with little knowledge of English can have access to the services they need.  Others offer their services to assist pro-bono lawyers on immigration cases that are coordinated through the legal services at Esperanza Center. With the arrival of large numbers of Hispanic families to our city,

OCHO is committed to continue to support Central American citizens wherever we are and to the extent that our schedule allows it.

If you know any interpreter, thank them for the passion they bring to helping people communicate with others at a time in need.   



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