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And the planning is almost over! After nine months of preparations, with a container already en route to Honduras, the 2016 volunteers will soon be on their way to Atima and Choloma as well. This year, OCHO has recruited another outstanding group of clinicians, medical students, public health educators, occupational and physical therapists, translators, and an enthusiastic group of young volunteers. On June 17th, a 44-member team will arrive in Atima, ready to start OCHO’s seventeenth annual medical brigade. It will be a time to see old friends, continue our established partnerships, and start new projects during five intense days of work.

A major goal for this year: to meet with the mayor of Atima, and other key stakeholders, to work out the details for the construction of a new school and rehabilitation center for special-needs children and their families. The project will be funded jointly by OCHO and our partners in Atima, thanks to the generosity of several donors. We are looking forward to seeing the blueprints for this project, at long last, and to breaking ground in the near future.

In addition to our current services, this year we will offer a summer camp for children in Atima, and a set of workshops on gender issues and various aspects of public health. The target audience for the workshops includes local clinicians, the public health coordinator, and a group of young peer educators. And let’s not forget our annual soccer camp, which will take place in the new stadium! Stay tuned for more updates!



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