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By Peter Kirchgraber

On Saturday, Nov. 4th, the Atima delegation, visiting from Honduras, took a well-deserved break from their meetings and training sessions, and headed down to Washington, D.C. for some sight-seeing. Ana, Sulmy, and Dr. Patro joined interpreter Alicia Allen and OCHO member Peter Kirchgraber for a trip to our nation’s capital.

Alicia Allen with the Honduran Delegation

After a brief circuit of the Capitol grounds, the group took a stroll on the Mall, and ducked into the National Air and Space Museum, where they saw a replica of the original Wright Flyer that flew over Kitty Hawk, and historic aircraft that achieved other “famous firsts,” like Spirit of St. Louis, the Bell X-15, and the Mercury capsule that carried the first American into space.

Sulmy and Ana

Dr. Patrocinio

Following a brief visit to the National Gallery of Art to see some of Goya’s paintings, the group drove uptown for lunch at a Thai restaurant, near Logan Circle. Later that afternoon, in Kensington, they were hosted for coffee and dessert at the home of Jodi and Michael Gan. Jodi, who teaches public health at American University, has participated in two OCHO brigades, and plans to return this year to continue her work teaching teenagers about human sexuality, to build on the success of earlier interventions that have sharply reduced the rate of teen pregnancy in the Atima area. Over coffee, the team discussed current public health challenges facing the youth, and brainstormed solutions that could be implemented this summer. The group returned to Baltimore that evening.

Taking a Stroll in D.C.



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