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Shelby’s Summer Internship Experience

My name is Shelby and was the summer 2020 intern for OCHO, and I am a sophomore at University of Utah. I have enjoyed working as an intern for OCHO immensely. My daily tasks are to post on social media and update the website blog. A few examples of stories I post are announcements about projects, initiatives, and fundraising opportunities. I also translated emails, documents, and videos; this was a great task for me because it improved my Spanish. Additionally, I worked on making connections to Latino organizations in Baltimore. As part of making new connections with OCHO, I attended monthly Latino Provider Network meetings and board meetings. Latino Provider Meetings bring organizations and people who care about the Latino community in Baltimore together to hear presentations from local organizations. Being able to listen in to those meetings taught me about how nonprofits are run. I learned about how boards of an organization are run and organized, also the importance of networking and getting OCHO’s name out in the community. The most beneficial aspect of this internship was that it was a learning experience, I learned about how to correspond with OCHO partners properly. My supervisor, Cristina always helped me and taught me about what I could take with me from my tasks. I learned as I went along, for example I learned that most posts on social media need an additional Spanish translation. Another lesson I learned was how to keep the social media posts consistent with the previous intern’s, also I learned how it is helpful to repost from multiple sources. I had a wonderful time being an intern for OCHO this summer! 


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