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By Dr. Cristina Saenz de Tejada

Help make this year’s medical brigade a success!  Our partners in Atima, Honduras — and several outlying villages — have expressed a need for the following items to support our efforts, both at the medical clinic and at the new school for children with special needs.

Here’s our wish list:

  • $900 — for a generator to provide power in the clinic’s maternity unit when the primary power goes off.

  • $500 — for a washer and dryer for the maternity unit at Atima Health Center.  This will help to maintain a safe, antiseptic environment.

  • $150 — covers Spanish-English dictionaries and other school supplies for the summer enrichment camp, which serves 60 children.

  • $80 — provides inhalers for an asthmatic patient for 1 year.

  • $40 — provides a kit for new mothers, including a basinet, diapers, Desitin, onesies, blankets, etc.

  • $20 — provides one wrap-style baby carrier — used Baby Bjorn and similar are welcome, provided they are laundered.

  • $7 — daily multivitamins for a child for 1 year.

  • $5 — covers the cost of one Pap smear.

  • $4 — covers the cost of daily folic acid supplements for pregnant women.

If you are able to donate any of these items, or wish to provide a cash donation toward their purchase, we would be most grateful for your generosity!  We will include these items in the container load of medical supplies that we’ll be sending down to Honduras in April, prior to our annual work trip. For in-kind donations, please contact Cristina Saenz de Tejada,  Financial contributions may be made through our donations page, or by check payable to “OCHO,” mailed to us at: OCHO, P.O. Box 26162, Baltimore, MD 21210.  OCHO is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Please feel free to share our list with friends, co-workers, religious organizations, schools, and service clubs – – we’ll be delighted to have their help! Many thanks!  This is a team effort, and we couldn’t do it without the generosity of people like you. Thanks for helping us to make a difference!  We’re looking forward to another successful year.




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