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OCHO during COVID-19

The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in the postponement of the June 2020 OCHO visit to Honduras.

The OCHO activities have not stopped: the OCHO board is in communication with Dr. Patrocinio Sarmiento and others in the Santa Barbara region to assess the community’s immediate needs and how OCHO is able to respond- 

In the interim, OCHO will continue to plan the most vital supplies and equipment for a future container shipment  to be sent to Honduras as soon as this is deemed safe- many of the container materials have already been collected over the last year and a half. We will be ready to send all the content once we receive permission to release the container.

The funds from the most recent fundraising campaign will be used to cover expenses for urgent needs the community identifies which includes money for food, hygiene, and cleaning supplies.

We are preparing to offer tele-education and tele-health to continue to support our Honduran partners’ who do critical community work. Behind the scenes,the OCHO Board and professionals in Honduras (including Dr. Sarmiento and the University of Honduras) are building capacity and training for telecommunication to make this project a reality.

Even though the circumstances have changed, our OCHO mission remains robust and we are excited to work in new ways.

If you want to make a contribution (donate your time and/or resources) please contact us at

OCHO is here to help,


Thank you.



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