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A little OCHO update:

OCHO is excited to announce the safe arrival of the container with the resources and equipment donations earmarked for our partners in Honduras. Given the many obstacles experienced by our teams, especially due to COVID-19, we're extremely glad that the container made it to the municipalities of Atima and San Vicente. The safe arrival and distribution of the medical equipment, resources, machinery, etc. ensures the continuation of shared vision to augment health and rehabilitation services for those in need.

Pictured: delivery process of the medical equipment and supplies to providers of health and rehabilitation services in the municipalities of Atima and San Vicente in Honduras.

We congratulate the authorities for their commitment to the citizens of Atima, San Vicente and surrounding communities, and we thank each of our many donors for their contributions that are instrumental in supporting OCHO's global mission.

Photo contribution: Dr. Patrocinio Sarmiento Palacios, Coordinator for the Community Outreach and Remote Education (CORE)



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