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After OCHO successfully raised the 80% of the funds we had committed towards the construction of new educational and rehabilitation center, this past June we had the pleasure of walking through the new building which will be operational by the end of the year.  The presence of local media witnessed the official presentation of this one-of-a kind center and provided important coverage to announce the news.

Since our departure, we have been receiving information from our local partners about the first activities that are taking place in this new space: from information sessions lead by the medical director, Patrocinio Sarmiento, to meetings with the Parent’s Association, who are also contributing their time and fundraising efforts to build a garden and an organic farm in the school grounds.

Thanks to the recent training sessions on Google Drive, you can gain more information on these by reading "A Digital Brigade," the communication channel between OCHO, the teachers, and the medical staff at the Atima Health Center will provide continuation and sustainability in making sure that the building is off to a great start.


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